Sample webapp to get OAuth tokens for Google (Apps) Mail access
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Fork Update

It is worth noting that as of April, 2012 Google as Deprecated the OAuth version 1 API. It is still in "deprecation support" but you should move on to OAuth 2.

Fork notes:

I updated the "twitter-oauth-sinatra" app to make it work with Google Mail and Google Apps Mail. As a bonus, it gets the email address of the user, as we do on Quite useful if you want to use IMAP or SMTP with these tokens, with the gmail_xoauth for example :)

For your local tests, launch: CONSUMER_SECRET=mysecret ruby app.rb

Last version of this code can be found at

Contact me at

Original README from

directions using heroku for hosting:

create twitter app at for callback url use note consumer key and consumer secret

heroku create heroku config:add consumer_key= consumer_secret= git push heroku master

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