A playground how-to ease system management for elexis servers and client
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This is a playground where Niklaus would like to set-up a
very easy to install elexis environment for medical practitioner.

Typical setup

  • OC (Elexis-OperationCenter) is responsible for infrastructure & setup
  • Firewall is either managed by the practitioner or the OC (pcengine.ch/ipfire)
  • Server (GNU/Debian-Linux) based managed by th OC. Somewhere in the medical cabinet
    • HW: Any x86 server should do the jobs, may be virtualized, e.g. Archivista.ch
    • SW: Database-Server
    • Optional: x2goserver based on KDE/Gnome
    • Optional: Wiki, whatever the practitioner is wishing and willing to pay
  • Backup: eSata/NAS (at least 2 pieces regulary swapped in a safe place, e.g. a safe in a Swiss bank
  • Optional: Linux/MacOSX/Win?? PC with full elexis installation
  • Optional: ThinClient (inside cabinet or via internet) using x2go
  • Optional: Backup on encrypted HD disks, also on remote location using a Raspberry-PI

Tools used (among a lot of others)

  • GNU/Debian/Linux
  • veewee
  • virtualbox or kvm
  • vagrant
  • puppet with hiera, augeas, facter
  • ruby (with a lot of rubygems, bundler)
  • java
  • mysql or postgresql for the database server
  • Samba for sharing network drives with MacOSX and Windows users
  • rsync/rsnapshot
  • x2go for thin clients
  • elexis
  • elexis-cockpit to visualize health status of Elexis DB


New to puppet?

Then have a look at Getting Started