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My emacs configuration
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bin another (unsuccessful) stab at making work Apr 21, 2016
org-export @ 9bce07f use most recent version of org-mode May 23, 2015
.Xmodmap setting up git repo Apr 19, 2011
.gitignore ignore and delete cruft Nov 28, 2014
.gitmodules - add script to create a virtualenv Jul 24, 2014
SConstruct list aliases with `scons -h` Oct 29, 2014
init-fast.el add insert-date to init-fast.el Sep 26, 2014
init.bash remove 'compdef' Nov 2, 2015
init.el don't search marmalade for packages May 18, 2016 don't search marmalade for packages May 18, 2016
worg.css add worg.css Jul 18, 2012


My emacs configuration

This repository contains code obtained from other sources. Hopefully I have given credit where credit is due and complied with everyone's licensing requirements. Please open an issue if any code hasn't been properly attributed.

The html-exported version of init.el is available here:

Requires emacs 24.1+ and org-mode 8+




The repository is intended to be cloned directly into one's home directory, where emacs will see it. Most dependencies are provided by the amazing ELPA. After cloning the repository, launch emacs, and then execute M-x package-list-packages followed by M-x package-install-my-packages.

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