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A simple html builder for testing
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A simple html builder for testing.

var mock = macchiato("ul > li, li, li", "Coffee", "is good", "for the brain").serve();


  • macchiato: If given a number, will execute the climb method, otherwise executes append.
  • append: Adds an element to the current context, then sets the context to this child. Accepts a string or HTMLObject
  • climb: Crawls up a chain of elements n times. Sets the context to this parent element.
  • html: Sets the innerHTML value of an element.
  • jumpTo: Searches for an element given a CSS selector from root. Sets the context to this element.
  • out: An alias to serve
  • pour: An alias to append
  • root: Sets the context to the root element in the current chain.
  • serve: Returns raw html output for the current chain.
  • set: Sets the value of a given attribute for the current context. Also excepts an object.


macchiato(" >", "Macchiato").root("p", "Is smooth like coffee").serve()
<article class="post">

    <header class="post-title">

    <p>Is smooth like coffee</p>    


macchiato("")("header")("h2", "Cool no?").set({ "class" : "post-title" }).serve();
<section class="post-container">
        <h2 class="post-title">Cool no?</h2>

macchiato("ul.list > li, li, li", "You can do lists", "For fun and profit", "And good coffee").serve();
<ul class="list">
    <li>You can do lists</li>
    <li>For fun and profit</li>
    <li>And good coffee</li>

var body = macchiato("p, p", "Hello world", "Welcome to Macchiato!").serve();
var container = macchiato("section").pour(body).serve();
    <p>Hello world</p>
    <p>Welcome to Macchiato!</p>
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