Volume mixer for the system tray
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PNMixer is a simple mixer application designed to run in your system tray. It integrates nicely into desktop environments that don't have a panel that supports applets and therefore can't run a mixer applet. In particular it's been used quite a lot with fbpanel and tint2, but should run fine in any system tray.

PNMixer is designed to work on systems that use ALSA for sound management. Any other sound driver like OSS or FFADO are currently not supported (patches welcome). There is no official PulseAudio support at the moment, but it seems that PNMixer behaves quite well anyway when PA is running. Feel free to try and to give some feedback.

PNMixer is a fork of OBMixer with a number of additions. These include:

  • Volume adjustment with the scroll wheel
  • Select which ALSA device and channel to use
  • Detect disconnect from sound system and re-connect if requested
  • Bind and use HotKeys for volume control
  • Textual display of volume level in popup window
  • Continous volume adjustment when dragging the slider (not just when you let go)
  • Draw a volume level onto system tray icon
  • Use system icon theme for icons and use mute/low/medium/high volume icons
  • Configurable middle click action
  • Preferences for:
    • volume text display
    • volume text position
    • icon theme
    • amount to adjust per scroll
    • middle click action
    • drawing of volume level on tray icon

Source and so on are at: https://github.com/nicklan/pnmixer


Icons are a slightly modified versions of the icons from Paul Davey's "Umicons Volume 2" icon set. You can find his website at: http://mattahan.deviantart.com/art/Umicons-Volume-2-1948945


PNMixer is translated through the Translation Project. If you wish to make or update a translation for PNMixer, please get in touch with the relevant team on the TP.

You can visit the PNMixer page on the TP at http://translationproject.org/domain/pnmixer.html.


Latest version can always be found at: https://github.com/nicklan/pnmixer/releases

Compilation and Install

Needed dependencies:

  • >=gtk+-3.12 (or >=gtk+-2.24 via --without-gtk3)
  • glib-2
  • alsa-lib (aka libasound on some distros)
  • libX11
  • libnotify (optional, disable via --without-libnotify)
  • intltool (build-time only)
  • gettext (build-time only)
  • pkg-config (build-time only)
  • autoconf (build-time only)
  • automake (build-time only)

To install this program cd to this directory and run:

sudo make install


Needed dependencies:

  • doxygen
  • graphviz

To build the documentation, run:

make doc

The documentation is built in src/html. To install it, run:

make install-doc