Docker EE Operational Checklist
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docker run -t nicolaka/checklist:17.06

☑ Infrastructure

  • Cluster Sizing and Zoning
  • Supported and Compatible ( OS, Docker Engine, UCP, DTR)
  • Adequate Resource ( Manager vs Worker Nodes)
    • Manager: 16G mem, 4 vCPU, 1+ Gbps, 32+ GB disk
    • Worker(minimum): 4G mem, 2 vCPU, 100+ Mbps, 8 GB disk
  • Resources

☑ Orchestration Management

☑ Image Distribution

☑ Security

☑ Network

  • Pick right networking driver for your application
  • Select proper publishing mode ( Ingress vs. Host Mode)
  • Pick suitable load-balancing mode ( client side = dnsrr, server-side = vip)
  • Network latency < 100ms
  • Segment App at L3 with Overlays (1 App 1 Overlay Network)
  • Utilize built-in encrypted overlay feature ( app <--> app encrypted)
  • Pick the application subnet size carefully
  • Designated non-overlapping subnets to be used by Docker for overlay networks
  • Resources:

☑ Storage

☑ Logging and Monitoring

  • External centralized logging for engine and application containers logs
  • Local logging for active trouble-shooting
  • Host-level and container-level resource monitoring
  • DTR image backend storage monitoring
  • Docker engine storage monitoring
  • Use built-in application health checking functionality
  • Resources:

☑ Integration

  • UCP and DTR are well integrated ( SSO, DCT..etc)
  • CI/CD tooling ( Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI..etc)
  • Development tooling (dev machines, IDEs)
  • Configuration automation tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt)
  • Resource provisioning systems (Terraform..etc)
  • Change management systems
  • Internal/external DNS or other service discovery and registration systems
  • Load balancing for both the management plane and each of the applications ( L4/L7)
  • Incident/ticketing management systems (ServiceNow..etc)

☑ Disaster Recovery

☑ Testing

  • Multi-platform image pull and push to DTR
  • Confirm users have the right set of access to their respective resources
  • Confirm application resource limitation works as expected
  • End-to-end stack deployment from CLI and UI
  • Updating applications with new configuration, images, networks using rolling upgrade