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Yet another minismoker for CPAN
Perl Shell
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Yet another mini-smoker for Perl.


If you've never run a CPAN smoke tester before, read

On FreeBSD 12 as root:

pkg install p5-Sys-CpuLoad p5-CPAN-Reporter p5-Proc-ProcessTable p5-JSON p5-LWP-Protocol-https sudo curl wget bash lynx ncftp ca_root_nss git rsync p5-MIME-Lite perl5

On all systems:

Download and install perlbrew from


For each version of perl that you wish to smoke test:

perlbrew install -j4 perl-5.28.1
perlbrew use perl-5.28.1
cpan -i Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase CPAN::Reporter Net::SSLeay LWP::Protocol::https

Ensure that the .../bin files are in your PATH.

smoker - run a Perl smoker on the latest CPAN uploads on the current Perl

-v - output more of what's going on to the logfiles /tmp/smoker.out and /tmp/smoker.err

-d - as above but output goes to the terminal and testwrapper input files
    are left in $TMPDIR

-i - interactive mode: as above but input is taken from the terminal not /dev/null

smokerloop - shell wrapper to run smoker on all perlbrew installations

    while true
    PATH=~/src/njh/smoker/bin:$PATH ~/src/njh/smoker/bin/smokerloop
    sleep 600

Reads ~/.smokerrc, if clean_after_test is set to one the
build tree will be removed after each smoking cycle


smokerupdate - update a local minicpan repositary and broadcast the updates
Run this out of cron
smokerdaemon - listen to smokerupdates and test the updates
Start this in the systems where you're going to test CPAN modules
Reads ~/.smokerdaemonrc, if clean_after_test is set to one the
	build tree will be removed after each smoking cycle


I'm testing the use of Apparmor to stop programs from creating files all over the place - a number of test programs create in my home directory for example.

Here's what I have at the moment in /etc/apparmor.d/home.njh.src.njh.smoker.bin:

#include <tunables/global>
/home/njh/src/njh/smoker/bin {
    audit deny @{HOME}/** rw,
    audit deny /usr/bin/sudo rwx,

I then ran

apparmor_parser -a /etc/apparmor.d/home.njh.src.njh.smoker.bin
systemctl reload apparmor

This is experimental.


I use Docker images so that I can isolate several smokers running once. You'll see that I use /mnt/CPAN as an NFS point for the CPAN modules, you'll probably want to change that to your local CPAN mirror. If you don't have a local mirror, this option isn't for you since there's no other notification method to tell the smokers in the containers what's been published and is ready for smoking.

To build an image

# test perl 5.28.1 listening for CPAN modules on port 21213
cd dockerprojects
./docker-build-image 5.28.1 21213

To run an image

docker run --log-driver syslog --log-opt syslog-address=udp://loghost:42185 -dt --name perl-5.28.1-smoker --mount type=bind,src=/mnt/CPAN,dst=/mnt/CPAN,readonly -p perl-5.28.1-smoker
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