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Python module to work with Odorik API
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Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <>
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Python module for Odorik API

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See for module documentation.

See for API documentation.


Use pip to install:

pip install odorik

Command line utility

The module comes with handy command line utility:

$ odorik balance
balance: 123.45

$ odorik mobile-data --phone 00420789123456
bytes_total: 111593707
bytes_down: 87039672
bytes_up: 24554035
price: 0

$ odorik send-sms 00420789123456 "Ahoj, jak se mas?"

$ odorik summary
id: 716000
public_number: 00420789789789
call_count: 58
sms_count: 42
bytes_total: 145921813
data_price: 0.01
call_price: 24.28
sms_price: 12.31
price: 36.59

id: 717000
public_number: 00420789123456
call_count: 11
sms_count: 0
bytes_total: 0
data_price: 0
call_price: 2.20
sms_price: 0
price: 2.20

See for more information.

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