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Extract triples from RDFa in XHTML documents using Clojure
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RDFa extraction in Clojure

This is an implementation in Clojure for parsing RDFa 1.1 embedded in HTML, XHTML, SVG or other XML.


This library runs on the JVM through regular Clojure. It can also run in a JavaScript environment (eg. any modern browser or Node.js) by using ClojureScript.

On the JVM, it uses the standard Java DOM for parsing XML, and the CyberNeko HTML Parser for HTML.

From Clojure

Example usage from Clojure can be seen in src/rdfa/cli.clj.

Command Line

Build a jar and just use that:

$ lein uberjar
$ java -jar rdfa-*-standalone.jar examples/test.html

Web Interface

For a simple web interface, see clj-rdfa-web.

From Java

From JavaScript

Projects written in ClojureScript can use clj-rdfa by adding it as a dependency.

A cljs-based example project using clj-rdfa can be seen in examples/cljs-usage/.


This is about developing the library itself.

Keep a test watcher running with:

$ lein midje --lazytest

In a REPL, run:

user=> (do (use 'rdfa.cli :reload-all) (-main "examples/test.html"))

For interactive development, use e.g.:

$ lein run -m vimclojure.nailgun.NGServer


Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Niklas Lindström

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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