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Selenium Grid is a tool that dramatically speeds up web testing by running multiple tests in parallel and on multiple machines
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Selenium Grid 1 End of Lifed

Please note that Selenium Grid 1 is no longer an active project. This repository only exists as a historical artifact. All new work has been going into Selenium Grid 2, which has been integrated directly with the Selenium project and source tree. Please note we have taken every reasonable measure to ensure that Selenium Grid 2 is backwards compatible with Selenium Grid 1, so there's virtually no reason at all to use Selenium Grid 1.

To learn more, please see the Selenium Grid 2 Documentation


Thank you for using Selenium Grid, an open-source tool to transparently distribute your Selenium tests on multiple machines so that you can run your tests in parallel, cutting down the time required for running in-browser test suites.

Core Team


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