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Show QR Code for default Newsfeed module
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Create a QR-Code of the News which is currently showing in the default Newsfeed Module

Thanks to Evghenii Marinescu for the inspiration of this module and the prework with your Module MMM-QRCode.


Screenshot of QR-code

Setup the Module

Config Description
updateType Possible Values are polling, push. Push works only for MagicMirror 2.8+ because this Version has a Broadcast built in. Please make sure your newsfeed moduel has broadcastNewsFeeds activated.
Default Value: push
interval If you set updateType to polling you need to set the interval of get the newsfeed information
Default Value: 2000
animationSpeed Animation Speed between change
Default Value: 2500
colorDark Color of the Code
Default Value: #fff
colorLight Background color
Default Value: #000
imageSize Size of the QR-Code in px
Default Value: 150

Full configuration of the module

    module: 'MMM-News-QR',
    config: {
        // possible values (polling, push)
        // push only works with MagicMirror 2.8+ and broadcastNewsFeeds activated
        updateType : 'push',
        // Interval to check the news
        // only needed if updateType is polling
        interval: 2000,
        // Animation between change
        animationSpeed: 2500,
        // Color of the Code
        colorDark: '#fff',
        // Background Color
        colorLight: '#000',
        // Size of the Code
        imageSize: 150
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