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Welcome to the R2RML Parser tool wiki!

The implementation in its current form:

  1. Covers most of the R2RML functionality (see R2RML Construct Coverage)
  2. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle
  3. Allows exporting the results in an RDF file, with a user-defined syntax (rdf/xml, n-triple, turtle, n3)
  4. Allows exporting the results in a database, using Jena TDB backend
  5. Exports RDF in times that are blazing fast compared to synchronous sparql-to-sql translators
  6. Examples
  7. [Known issues](wiki/Known issues)

[Get started!](wiki/Getting started)

Please send any feedback/questions by email to nkons@live.com, or by direct message (dm) via twitter to @nkonstantinou. We'll be happy to discuss how to export your data into RDF.

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