Classical Nahuatl grammar in Grammatical Framework.
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Classical Nahuatl grammar

A Grammatical Framework library for the Classical Nahuatl language.

This early version of the library is already fairly complete for verb and noun inflectional morphology, as well as handling the core cases of verbal derivation (causatives, applicatives, and honorifics). The core paradigm-generating functions are "smart", for the most part able to guess all forms on the basis of a single principal part.

The very basics of Classical Nahuatl syntax are implemented in, covering the "miniature grammar" detailed in the Grammatical Framework handbook.

Much of the basic lexicon is covered in The words that are missing are in general missing for "interesting" reasons (i.e. they are not handled by the basic paradigm functions, and I have been too lazy to code them in manually so far).

Project status

The grammar is so incomplete as to make any inclusion of a "usage" section in the README pointless. It is of interest only to other GF developers or students of Nahuatl. Much work will have to be done before it is useful as a grammar or a syntax of Nahuatl. The following todo list gives some of the more urgent tasks:

  • "preposition" inflection and syntax
  • quantifier raising and wh-movement in syntax
  • figuring out how to make derivational morphology work in general (macros? Template Haskell?)
  • reduplicative constructions in verb inflection
  • noun incorporation
  • ligature verbs


This grammar implements the grammatical analysis of Launey & Mackay 2011. Additional lexical data is drawn from the University of Oregon's Nahuatl Dictionary.


Licensed under the GNU GPL.