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A fractal creator. Try it here.

Recursor Tree Fractal Creator


TL;DR: I built this as an excuse to get really good at some stuff and create something cool.

This project has served as a platform for mastering several basic skills related to modern front-end web development. It gave me the room to get to the bottom of a variety engineering questions, both technical and practical, and, wherever possible, grasp the "right way" to do something. This includes:

  • Design of small, focussed React components with clean semantics.
  • Clean and efficient Redux state management using Redux Toolkit and React hooks.
  • Comprehensive typing with TypeScript.
  • CSS styling using Styled Components.
  • Clean and responsive UI design using CSS3.
  • Complete unit test coverage with Jest.
  • Complete JSDoc code documentation.
  • Fully linted code that is nice to look at.
  • Scalable folder organization patterns.
  • Clear and consistent naming patterns for self-documenting code.

My hope is that the implementation here remains a valuable reference for good practices for a while. Without maintenance, though, some things will inevitably age as the inexorable march of technology carries on.

Also fractals are super cool and I always wanted something like this to play with. So now I've built it. I hope you enjoy it!