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This repository contains the decrypted and decompressed contents of the eqgrp-free-file.tar.xz file released by "The Shadow Brokers". The contents are supposedly a free sample of the files exfiltrated from the Equation Group, a notorious, highly-sophisticated cyber attack group.

The Shadow Brokers have opened an auction to sell off the remaining files, although the legitimacy of the auction is widely disputed. See the original auction announcement here:

Only files in the Firewall directory are from the archive. listing.txt shows a list of all the files in the original archive, along with their file date and timestamps.


This repository is provided as an educational resource to researchers wanting to validate the claims of the Shadow Brokers, as well as anyone wanting to study code potentially originating from a powerful threat actor. Needless to say, this repository may contain extremely malicious code, and I (@nneonneo) disclaim any responsibility for what may happen with your use or misuse of this software.

The code does not belong to me, but the author of the code is unknown and is very unlikely to step up to enforce any copyright claims. Nevertheless, if takedown is warranted I will gladly remove the repository.


Free sampling of files from the purported Equation Group hack.



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