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Clone and run for a quick way to see Svelte NodeGui in action.


To Use

To clone and run this repository you'll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer.

Make sure you have met the requirements listed here:

From your command line:

# Copy files from starter repo into a directory called "my-project"
npx degit my-project
# Go into the repository
cd my-project
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Build the app in development mode (unminified; watch mode on)
npm run dev
# (From another terminal) Run the built app
npm run start

Resources for Learning NodeGui

Packaging app as a distributable

In order to distribute your finished app, you can use @nodegui/packer

Step 1: (Run this command only once)

npx nodegui-packer --init MyAppName

This will produce the deploy directory containing the template. You can modify this to suite your needs. Like add icons, change the name, description and add other native features or dependencies. Make sure you commit this directory.

Step 2: (Run this command every time you want to build a new distributable)

Next you can run the pack command:

npm run build

This will produce the js bundle along with assets inside the ./dist directory

npx nodegui-packer --pack ./dist

This will build the distributable using @nodegui/packer based on your template. The output of the command is found under the build directory. You should gitignore the build directory.

More details about @nodegui/packer can be found here: