The Node Foundation Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

The Node.js Foundation is a member based organization. There are 5 classes of Membership: Platinum, Gold, and Silver Members, Associated Entity Members and Individual Members.

A list of non-Individual members and additional information is available on the website:

Individual Members

Individual Members of the Node.js Foundation have the ability to both run and vote for representation on the Board of Directors.

Representation on the Board of Directors

The Individual Members are represented on the Board of Directors an Individual Director. A representative is elected in January every two years with no limitations to the number of terms served.

Current Individual Directors

**William Kapke**
Jan 2017 - Jan 2019

Along with their regular Board duties, the Individual Directors use this repository to communicate with the Membership.

Previous Individual Directors

Registration and Cost

Anyone with a GitHub account may become an Individual Member. Visit to register.

The cost of Individual Membership is:

  • Node.js Project Contributors: free*
  • Students: $25/yr
  • General Population: $100/yr

* links to a Private repo that is only accessible to GitHub users who are on the Members team of the nodejs GitHub organization. Users are added to the team (by Collaborators) when they contribute consistently to a Node.js Foundation project.

Questions? Comments?

Please file an issue.