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# Updating the Root Certificates

Node.js contains a compiled-in set of root certificates used as trust anchors
for TLS certificate validation.

The certificates come from Mozilla, specifically NSS's `certdata.txt` file.

The PEM encodings of the certificates are converted to C strings, and committed
in `src/node_root_certs.h`.

## When to update

Root certificates should be updated sometime after Mozilla makes an NSS release,
check the [NSS release schedule][].

## Process

Commands assume that the current working directory is the root of a checkout of
the nodejs/node repository.

1. Find NSS metadata for update.

The latest released NSS version, release date, Firefox version, and Firefox
release date can be found in the [NSS release schedule][].

The tag to fetch `certdata.txt` from is found by looking for the release
version in the [tag list][].

2. Update `certdata.txt` from the NSS release tag.

Update the tag in the commands below, and run:
cd tools/
./mk-ca-bundle -v 2>_before
curl -O

The `_before` file will be used later. Verify that running `mk-ca-bundle` made
no changes to `src/node_root_certs.h`. If it did, something went wrong with the
previous update. Seek help!

Update metadata in the message below, and commit `certdata.txt`:

tools: update certdata.txt
This is the certdata.txt[0] from NSS 3.41, released on 2018-12-03.
This is the version of NSS that will ship in Firefox 65 on

3. Update `node_root_certs.h` from `certdata.txt`.

Run the command below:

./ -v 2>_after

Confirm that `../src/node_root_certs.h` was updated.

Determine what changes were made by diffing the before and after files:
% diff _before _after
< Parsing: Visa eCommerce Root
< Parsing: TÜRKTRUST Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Sağlayıcısı H5
< Parsing: Certplus Root CA G1
< Parsing: Certplus Root CA G2
< Parsing: OpenTrust Root CA G1
< Parsing: OpenTrust Root CA G2
< Parsing: OpenTrust Root CA G3
< Done (133 CA certs processed, 20 skipped).
> Parsing: GlobalSign Root CA - R6
> Parsing: OISTE WISeKey Global Root GC CA
> Parsing: GTS Root R1
> Parsing: GTS Root R2
> Parsing: GTS Root R3
> Parsing: GTS Root R4
> Parsing: UCA Global G2 Root
> Parsing: UCA Extended Validation Root
> Parsing: Certigna Root CA
> Done (135 CA certs processed, 16 skipped).

Use the diff to update the message below, and commit `src/node_root_certs.h`:
crypto: update root certificates
Update the list of root certificates in src/node_root_certs.h with
Certificates added:
- GlobalSign Root CA - R6
- OISTE WISeKey Global Root GC CA
- GTS Root R1
- GTS Root R2
- GTS Root R3
- GTS Root R4
- UCA Global G2 Root
- UCA Extended Validation Root
- Certigna Root CA
Certificates removed:
- Visa eCommerce Root
- TÜRKTRUST Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Sağlayıcısı H5
- Certplus Root CA G1
- Certplus Root CA G2
- OpenTrust Root CA G1
- OpenTrust Root CA G2
- OpenTrust Root CA G3

[NSS release schedule]:
[tag list]:

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