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doc: visibility of Worker threads cli options

Fixes: #28518
PR-URL: #31380
Fixes: #28518
Reviewed-By: Anna Henningsen <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
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HarshithaKP authored and MylesBorins committed Jan 16, 2020
1 parent 2518213 commit 4ed720e940899076eb6b7fc0198b4a76266ee615
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@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ correlation between tasks and their outcomes. See
["Using `AsyncResource` for a `Worker` thread pool"][async-resource-worker-pool]
in the `async_hooks` documentation for an example implementation.

Worker threads inherit non-process-specific options by default. Refer to
[`Worker constructor options`][] to know how to customize worker thread options,
specifically `argv` and `execArgv` options.

## `worker.isMainThread`
<!-- YAML
added: v10.5.0
@@ -768,6 +772,7 @@ active handle in the event system. If the worker is already `unref()`ed calling
[`trace_events`]: tracing.html
[`v8.getHeapSnapshot()`]: v8.html#v8_v8_getheapsnapshot
[`vm`]: vm.html
[`Worker constructor options`]: #worker_threads_new_worker_filename_options
[`worker.on('message')`]: #worker_threads_event_message_1
[`worker.postMessage()`]: #worker_threads_worker_postmessage_value_transferlist
[`worker.SHARE_ENV`]: #worker_threads_worker_share_env

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