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test: make REPL test pass in coverage mode

Make a REPL tab completion test pass in coverage mode by using
`Uin` as the common prefix of all `Uint*Array` globals instead
of `co` which could be a prefix for `console` and `coverage`,
so it doesn't expand the way it's expected to in coverage mode.

PR-URL: #17082
Reviewed-By: Michaël Zasso <>
Reviewed-By: Colin Ihrig <>
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addaleax authored and MylesBorins committed Nov 16, 2017
1 parent a12e168 commit 92daa2d2d3ea358c26e0c730c5054f61574afb7d
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  1. +2 −2 test/parallel/test-repl-tab-complete.js
@@ -373,8 +373,8 @@ const editor = repl.start({['.clear']);['.editor']);
editor.completer('co', common.mustCall((error, data) => {
assert.deepStrictEqual(data, [['con'], 'co']);
editor.completer('Uin', common.mustCall((error, data) => {
assert.deepStrictEqual(data, [['Uint'], 'Uin']);

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