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doc: fix overriding of prefix option

Make the example in the "Building a debug build" section work as

Fixes: #30477

PR-URL: #30518
Reviewed-By: David Carlier <>
Reviewed-By: Trivikram Kamat <>
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lpinca authored and MylesBorins committed Nov 17, 2019
1 parent 3fb0f7e commit a836ac10ff266c4735a0a7a4b488e40ca026b982
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@@ -474,7 +474,7 @@ To use the debug build with all the normal dependencies overwrite the release
version in the install directory:

``` console
$ make install --prefix=/opt/node-debug/
$ make install PREFIX=/opt/node-debug/
$ cp -a -f out/Debug/node /opt/node-debug/node

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