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build,src: add Intel Vtune profiling support

This feature supports the Intel Vtune profiling support for JITted
JavaScript on IA32 / X64 / X32 platform. The advantage of this profiling
is that the user / developer of NodeJS application can get the detailed
profiling information for every line of the JavaScript source code.
This information will be very useful for the owner to optimize their

This feature is a compile-time option. For windows platform, the user
needs to pass the following parameter to vcbuild.bat: "enable-vtune"

For other OS, the user needs to pass the following parameter to
./configure command: "--enable-vtune-profiling"

PR-URL: #3785
Reviewed-By: Ben Noordhuis <>
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cdai2 authored and rvagg committed Oct 21, 2015
1 parent 1f0e8dc commit ed255abdc10fe962ef528b19d46faedae21fa3be
Showing with 37 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +17 −0 configure
  2. +8 −0 node.gyp
  3. +7 −0 src/
  4. +5 −2 vcbuild.bat
@@ -86,6 +86,14 @@ parser.add_option("--fully-static",
help="Generate an executable without external dynamic libraries. This "
"will not work on OSX when using default compilation environment")

help="Enable profiling support for Intel Vtune profiler to profile"
"JavaScript code executed in nodejs. This feature is only available "
"for ia32, x32 or x64 platform.")

@@ -679,6 +687,15 @@ def configure_node(o):
o['variables']['node_core_target_name'] = 'node_base'
o['variables']['node_target_type'] = 'static_library'

if target_arch in ('x86', 'x64', 'ia32', 'x32'):
o['variables']['node_enable_v8_vtunejit'] = b(options.enable_vtune_profiling)
elif options.enable_vtune_profiling:
raise Exception(
'vtune profiler for JavaScript is only supported on x86, x32 or x64 '
o['variables']['node_enable_v8_vtunejit'] = 'false'

if flavor in ('solaris', 'mac', 'linux', 'freebsd'):
use_dtrace = not options.without_dtrace
# Don't enable by default on linux and freebsd
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
'node_use_openssl%': 'true',
'node_shared_openssl%': 'false',
'node_v8_options%': '',
'node_enable_v8_vtunejit%': 'false',
'node_target_type%': 'executable',
'node_core_target_name%': 'node',
'library_files': [
@@ -221,6 +222,13 @@
'defines': [ 'NODE_HAVE_SMALL_ICU=1' ],
[ 'node_enable_v8_vtunejit=="true" and (target_arch=="x64" or \
target_arch=="ia32" or target_arch=="x32")', {
'dependencies': [
[ 'node_use_openssl=="true"', {
'defines': [ 'HAVE_OPENSSL=1' ],
'sources': [
@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@
#include "v8-profiler.h"
#include "zlib.h"

#include "../deps/v8/src/third_party/vtune/v8-vtune.h"

#include <errno.h>
#include <limits.h> // PATH_MAX
#include <locale.h>
@@ -4025,6 +4029,9 @@ static void StartNodeInstance(void* arg) {
Isolate::CreateParams params;
ArrayBufferAllocator* array_buffer_allocator = new ArrayBufferAllocator();
params.array_buffer_allocator = array_buffer_allocator;
params.code_event_handler = vTune::GetVtuneCodeEventHandler();
Isolate* isolate = Isolate::New(params);
if (track_heap_objects) {
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ set i18n_arg=
set download_arg=
set release_urls_arg=
set build_release=
set enable_vtune_profiling=

if "%1"=="" goto args-done
@@ -71,6 +72,7 @@ if /i "%1"=="full-icu" set i18n_arg=%1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="intl-none" set i18n_arg=%1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="download-all" set download_arg="--download=all"&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="ignore-flaky" set test_args=%test_args% --flaky-tests=dontcare&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="enable-vtune" set enable_vtune_profiling="--enable-vtune-profiling"&goto arg-ok

echo Warning: ignoring invalid command line option `%1`.

@@ -168,7 +170,7 @@ goto run
if defined noprojgen goto msbuild

@rem Generate the VS project.
python configure %download_arg% %i18n_arg% %debug_arg% %snapshot_arg% %noetw_arg% %noperfctr_arg% --dest-cpu=%target_arch% --tag=%TAG%
python configure %download_arg% %i18n_arg% %debug_arg% %snapshot_arg% %noetw_arg% %noperfctr_arg% %enable_vtune_profiling% --dest-cpu=%target_arch% --tag=%TAG%
if errorlevel 1 goto create-msvs-files-failed
if not exist node.sln goto create-msvs-files-failed
echo Project files generated.
@@ -259,13 +261,14 @@ echo Failed to create vc project files.
goto exit

echo vcbuild.bat [debug/release] [msi] [test-all/test-uv/test-internet/test-pummel/test-simple/test-message] [clean] [noprojgen] [small-icu/full-icu/intl-none] [nobuild] [nosign] [x86/x64] [download-all]
echo vcbuild.bat [debug/release] [msi] [test-all/test-uv/test-internet/test-pummel/test-simple/test-message] [clean] [noprojgen] [small-icu/full-icu/intl-none] [nobuild] [nosign] [x86/x64] [download-all] [enable-vtune]
echo Examples:
echo vcbuild.bat : builds release build
echo vcbuild.bat debug : builds debug build
echo vcbuild.bat release msi : builds release build and MSI installer package
echo vcbuild.bat test : builds debug build and runs tests
echo vcbuild.bat build-release : builds the release distribution as used by
echo vcbuild.bat enable-vtune : builds nodejs with Intel Vtune profiling support to profile JavaScript
goto exit


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