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build,win: add test-ci-native and test-ci-js

PR-URL: #30724
Refs: nodejs/build#1996
Reviewed-By: Rod Vagg <>
Reviewed-By: Sam Roberts <>
Reviewed-By: Rich Trott <>
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joaocgreis authored and MylesBorins committed Nov 29, 2019
1 parent d586682 commit f01959a6169f528fb128a6ec80e9e26df612a516
Showing with 10 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 Makefile
  2. +9 −4 vcbuild.bat
@@ -489,6 +489,7 @@ test-all-valgrind: test-build
test-all-suites: | clear-stalled test-build bench-addons-build doc-only ## Run all test suites.
$(PYTHON) tools/ $(PARALLEL_ARGS) --mode=$(BUILDTYPE_LOWER) test/*

# CI_* variables should be kept synchronized with the ones in vcbuild.bat
CI_NATIVE_SUITES ?= addons js-native-api node-api
CI_JS_SUITES ?= default
ifeq ($(node_use_openssl), false)
@@ -15,6 +15,13 @@ if /i "%1"=="/?" goto help

cd %~dp0

@rem CI_* variables should be kept synchronized with the ones in Makefile
set CI_NATIVE_SUITES=addons js-native-api node-api
set CI_JS_SUITES=default
set CI_DOC=doctool
@rem Same as the test-ci target in Makefile
set "common_test_suites=%CI_JS_SUITES% %CI_NATIVE_SUITES% %CI_DOC%&set build_addons=1&set build_js_native_api_tests=1&set build_node_api_tests=1"

@rem Process arguments.
set config=Release
set target=Build
@@ -51,10 +58,8 @@ set build_js_native_api_tests=
set build_node_api_tests=
set test_node_inspect=
set test_check_deopts=
set js_test_suites=default
set v8_test_options=
set v8_build_options=
set "common_test_suites=%js_test_suites% doctool addons js-native-api node-api&set build_addons=1&set build_js_native_api_tests=1&set build_node_api_tests=1"
set http2_debug=
set nghttp2_debug=
set link_module=
@@ -86,8 +91,8 @@ if /i "%1"=="noetw" set noetw=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="ltcg" set ltcg=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="licensertf" set licensertf=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="test" set test_args=%test_args% -J %common_test_suites%&set lint_cpp=1&set lint_js=1&set lint_md=1&goto arg-ok
:: test-ci is deprecated
if /i "%1"=="test-ci" goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="test-ci-native" set test_args=%test_args% %test_ci_args% -J -p tap --logfile test.tap %CI_NATIVE_SUITES% %CI_DOC%&set build_addons=1&set build_js_native_api_tests=1&set build_node_api_tests=1&set cctest_args=%cctest_args% --gtest_output=xml:cctest.junit.xml&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="test-ci-js" set test_args=%test_args% %test_ci_args% -J -p tap --logfile test.tap %CI_JS_SUITES%&set no_cctest=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="build-addons" set build_addons=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="build-js-native-api-tests" set build_js_native_api_tests=1&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="build-node-api-tests" set build_node_api_tests=1&goto arg-ok

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