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IMAP client module for Node.js, extracted from NodemailerApp
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IMAP Client for Node.js extracted from the NodemailerApp project.

The focus for ImapFlow is to provide easy to use API over IMAP. Using ImapFlow does not expect knowledge about specific IMAP details, general understanding is good enough.

IMAP extensions are handled in the background, so for example you can always request labels value from a {@link FetchQueryObject|fetch()} call but if the IMAP server does not support X-GM-EXT1 extension, then labels value is not included in the response.


Source code is available from Github.


First install the module from npm:

$ npm install imapflow

next import the ImapFlow class into your script:

const { ImapFlow } = require('imapflow');

All ImapFlow methods use Promises, so you need to wait using await or wait for the then() method to fire until you get the response.

const { ImapFlow } = require('imapflow');
const client = new ImapFlow({
    host: '',
    port: 993,
    secure: true,
    auth: {
        user: '',
        pass: 'mW6e4wWWnEd3H4hT5B'

const main = async () => {
    // Wait until client connects and authorizes
    await client.connect();

    // Select and lock a mailbox. Throws if mailbox does not exist
    let lock = await client.getMailboxLock('INBOX');
    try {
        // fetch latest message source
        let message = await client.fetchOne('*', { source: true });

        // list subjects for all messages
        // uid value is always included in FETCH response, envelope strings are in unicode.
        for await (let message of client.fetch('1:*', { envelope: true })) {
            console.log(`${message.uid}: ${message.envelope.subject}`);
    } finally {
        // Make sure lock is released, otherwise next `getMailboxLock()` never returns

    // log out and close connection
    await client.logout();

main().catch(err => console.error(err));


API reference.

ImapFlow has TS typings set for compatible editors.


© 2020 Andris Reinman

Licensed for evaluation use only

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