NPM compliant CommonJS module loader for the JVM
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Support for NPM module loading in Javascript runtimes on the JVM. Implementation is based on and should be fully compatible. This, of course, does not include the full node.js API, so don't expect all of the standard NPM modules that depend on it to work. If you want to use existing NPM modules that depend on the Node.js API, consider the not-yet-fully-baked nodyn project. If you are writing your own NPM modules in DynJS, Rhino or Nashorn, this should work just fine.

This module is known to work with DynJS, and has been briefly tested on Nashorn, and should work with Rhino as well.


Using the global load() functions supplied by DynJS, Nashorn and Rhino, load jvm-npm.js into the global execution context:

dynjs> load('./jvm-npm.js');
dynjs> var x = require('some_module');

Or with Nashorn:

nashorn> load('./jvm-npm.js');
nashorn> var x = require('some_module');

Of course, you will need to ensure that the jvm-npm.js file exists in the current directory.

See the examples directory for simple, runnable usage examples. Again, this will only work out of the box for pure JS NPM modules. Anything that depends on the Node.js API will not work with just this file.