NETCONF package for the ATOM Editor
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Netconf for ATOM

This package provides a simplistic graphical user-interface for learning and testing the NETCONF protocol. This software contains a NETCONF client, which runs against a NETCONF server, such as NOKIA 7750 Service Routers.

In the current implementation this NETCONF client is using NETCONF over SSHv2 with either password or key-based authentication as described in RFC 6242.

Both base:1.0 end-of-message framing and base:1.1 chunked-framing are both supported. Authentication supports username with password or certificate.

Netconf Package

To use this package, it is required to specify connection details in the package settings. All features are accessible from toolbars which are added to the ATOM statusbar. A limited feature-set is accessible from the ATOM menubar and context menus.

If you need to deal with multiple NETCONF servers, connection details can be specified in a YAML file called server.yaml. This will add a selection list of servers to the toolbar.

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