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nomacs - Plugins

This repository contains officially supported plugins for the image viewer nomacs. You can find additional (unstable) plugins here.

Build Status

Building on Windows


  • CMake
  • IDE (i.e. Visual Studio)
  • nomacs
  • OpenCV (>= 3.4) optional
  • Qt SDK or the compiled sources (>= 5.2.1)

Building Plugins (Windows)

  1. Build nomacs
  2. Open CMake GUI
  3. set the plugin repository's root folder containing CMakeLists.txt to where is the source code
  4. choose a build folder
  5. Set OpenCV_DIR, QT_MAKE_EXECUTABLE, and nomacs_DIR
    • Copy CMakeUserPathsGit.cmake and rename it to CMakeUserPaths.cmake
    • Set all paths to your own builds of nomacs etc.
  6. Hit Configure then Generate
  7. You will find a nomacs-plugins.sln which builds all plugins and dedicated plugin projects in the respective folders (e.g. PaintPlugin/paintPlugin.sln)
  8. Tip: Go to Plugin > Properties > Configuration Properties > Debugging and set the Command to your nomacs path (e.g. C:/nomacs/build2015-x64/Debug/nomacs.exe) to better debug your plugin

Build Plugins (Ubuntu)

git clone https://github.com/nomacs/nomacs-plugins.git plugins
  • in ImageLounge create a folder build and run cmake:
mkdir build
cd build
  • then build the project:

This will build all the Plugins set to 'ON' in nomacs-plugins/CMakeLists.txt. Running ./nomacs from the nomacs/ImageLounge directory should now list all the built Plugins in the Plugins tab.