A set of plugins to display a carousel into a fullscreen modal box
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This set of JavaScript and CSS extensions to Twitter Boostrap was made in order to display a carousel in fullscreen. I decided to extend the libraries step by step by separate the feature I needed, which resulted in the following independent "packages" :

  1. the ability to detach a content to a modal box
  2. make a modal into fullscreen mode
  3. a carousel which fits itself according to the different images and captions
  4. and one to link them all

Feel free to use them and/or contribute to make them better.


In the "dist" folder, you'll find the CSS and JS assets. To quickly use the plugins, I also packaged and minified versions.



  • Fixed Bower packaging informations


  • Updated the twitter bootstrap dependency to version 3.x
  • Added LESS support
  • Added minified versions of CSS and JS assets
  • Replaced Flickr images with blank images


  • Added compatibility on phones and tablets in responsive mode
  • Added some docs elements
  • The docs pages are now generated with grunt
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap v2.3.2


  • First version