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NDIS miniport driver installer
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Command line installer application capable of installing NDIS Miniport drivers (like the BSD IP Firewall [IPFW32]) on Windows XP or later.


The initial project name was simply "install" with description "BDS IP Firewall (IPFW32) Installer" because its primary goal was to create an command line tool to install the ipfw.sys NDIS miniport driver.

As the project evolved to become a generic installer for network client, service and protocol drivers, the project name was changed to mindinst (miniport driver installer).


The installer is using the InetCfg API thru COM.

The code used in this application is borrowed from the BindView application written by Alok Sinha, Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, 2001. This source code for that application is bundled with the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

The original code by Alok Sinha is keept in bindview.* and netcfgapi.*, and is the unmodified except for removal of GUI calls. These files are not the original, only the minimal set of required function have been used.

Unless otherwise stated, the source code is released under the license agreement in license.rtf (the Windows DDK sample license).


The following exit code are used:

0 - Success 1 - Failed 2 - Reboot required


This code, including any derived work, is distributed under the terms in license.rtf

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