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                   Kerberos Version 5, Release 1.16

                            Release Notes
                        The MIT Kerberos Team

Copyright and Other Notices

Copyright (C) 1985-2016 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and its contributors.  All rights reserved.

Please see the file named NOTICE for additional notices.


Unified documentation for Kerberos V5 is available in both HTML and
PDF formats.  The table of contents of the HTML format documentation
is at doc/html/index.html, and the PDF format documentation is in the
doc/pdf directory.

Additionally, you may find copies of the HTML format documentation
online at


for the most recent supported release, or at


for the release under development.

More information about Kerberos may be found at


and at the MIT Kerberos Consortium web site


Building and Installing Kerberos 5

Build documentation is in doc/html/build/index.html or

The installation guide is in doc/html/admin/install.html or

If you are attempting to build under Windows, please see the
src/windows/README file.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any problems/bugs/comments by sending email to

You may view bug reports by visiting


and using the "Guest Login" button.  Please note that the web
interface to our bug database is read-only for guests, and the primary
way to interact with our bug database is via email.

DES transition

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is widely recognized as weak.  The
krb5-1.7 release contains measures to encourage sites to migrate away
from using single-DES cryptosystems.  Among these is a configuration
variable that enables "weak" enctypes, which defaults to "false"
beginning with krb5-1.8.

Major changes in 1.16

krb5-1.16 changes by ticket ID


Past Sponsors of the MIT Kerberos Consortium:

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Centrify Corporation
    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    The Department of Defense of the United States of America (DoD)
    Fidelity Investments
    Iowa State University
    Michigan State University
    MITRE Corporation
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
        of the United States of America (NASA)
    Network Appliance (NetApp)
    Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT)
    US Government Office of the National Coordinator for Health
        Information Technology (ONC)
    Pennsylvania State University
    Red Hat
    Stanford University
    TeamF1, Inc.
    The University of Alaska
    The University of Michigan
    The University of Pennsylvania

Past and present members of the Kerberos Team at MIT:

    Danilo Almeida
    Jeffrey Altman
    Justin Anderson
    Richard Basch
    Mitch Berger
    Jay Berkenbilt
    Andrew Boardman
    Bill Bryant
    Steve Buckley
    Joe Calzaretta
    John Carr
    Mark Colan
    Don Davis
    Sarah Day
    Alexandra Ellwood
    Carlos Garay
    Dan Geer
    Nancy Gilman
    Matt Hancher
    Thomas Hardjono
    Sam Hartman
    Paul Hill
    Marc Horowitz
    Eva Jacobus
    Miroslav Jurisic
    Barry Jaspan
    Benjamin Kaduk
    Geoffrey King
    Kevin Koch
    John Kohl
    HaoQi Li
    Jonathan Lin
    Peter Litwack
    Scott McGuire
    Steve Miller
    Kevin Mitchell
    Cliff Neuman
    Paul Park
    Ezra Peisach
    Chris Provenzano
    Ken Raeburn
    Jon Rochlis
    Jeff Schiller
    Jen Selby
    Robert Silk
    Bill Sommerfeld
    Jennifer Steiner
    Ralph Swick
    Brad Thompson
    Harry Tsai
    Zhanna Tsitkova
    Ted Ts'o
    Marshall Vale
    Tom Yu

The following external contributors have provided code, patches, bug
reports, suggestions, and valuable resources:

    Ian Abbott
    Brandon Allbery
    Russell Allbery
    Brian Almeida
    Michael B Allen
    Heinz-Ado Arnolds
    Derek Atkins
    Mark Bannister
    David Bantz
    Alex Baule
    David Benjamin
    Thomas Bernard
    Adam Bernstein
    Arlene Berry
    Jeff Blaine
    Radoslav Bodo
    Sumit Bose
    Emmanuel Bouillon
    Philip Brown
    Michael Calmer
    Andrea Campi
    Julien Chaffraix
    Ravi Channavajhala
    Srinivas Cheruku
    Leonardo Chiquitto
    Seemant Choudhary
    Howard Chu
    Andrea Cirulli
    Christopher D. Clausen
    Kevin Coffman
    Simon Cooper
    Sylvain Cortes
    Ian Crowther
    Arran Cudbard-Bell
    Jeff D'Angelo
    Nalin Dahyabhai
    Mark Davies
    Dennis Davis
    Alex Dehnert
    Mark Deneen
    Günther Deschner
    John Devitofranceschi
    Roland Dowdeswell
    Viktor Dukhovni
    Jason Edgecombe
    Mark Eichin
    Shawn M. Emery
    Douglas E. Engert
    Peter Eriksson
    Juha Erkkilä
    Gilles Espinasse
    Ronni Feldt
    Bill Fellows
    JC Ferguson
    Remi Ferrand
    Paul Fertser
    William Fiveash
    Ákos Frohner
    Sebastian Galiano
    Marcus Granado
    Scott Grizzard
    Helmut Grohne
    Steve Grubb
    Philip Guenther
    Dominic Hargreaves
    Robbie Harwood
    Jakob Haufe
    Matthieu Hautreux
    Paul B. Henson
    Jeff Hodges
    Christopher Hogan
    Love Hörnquist Åstrand
    Ken Hornstein
    Henry B. Hotz
    Luke Howard
    Jakub Hrozek
    Shumon Huque
    Jeffrey Hutzelman
    Wyllys Ingersoll
    Holger Isenberg
    Spencer Jackson
    Diogenes S. Jesus
    Pavel Jindra
    Joel Johnson
    Anders Kaseorg
    W. Trevor King
    Patrik Kis
    Mikkel Kruse
    Reinhard Kugler
    Tomas Kuthan
    Pierre Labastie
    Volker Lendecke
    Jan iankko Lieskovsky
    Oliver Loch
    Kevin Longfellow
    Jon Looney
    Nuno Lopes
    Ryan Lynch
    Roland Mainz
    Andrei Maslennikov
    Michael Mattioli
    Nathaniel McCallum
    Greg McClement
    Cameron Meadors
    Alexey Melnikov
    Franklyn Mendez
    Markus Moeller
    Kyle Moffett
    Paul Moore
    Keiichi Mori
    Michael Morony
    Zbysek Mraz
    Edward Murrell
    Nikos Nikoleris
    Felipe Ortega
    Michael Osipov
    Andrej Ota
    Dmitri Pal
    Javier Palacios
    Tom Parker
    Ezra Peisach
    Zoran Pericic
    W. Michael Petullo
    Mark Phalan
    Brett Randall
    Jonathan Reams
    Jonathan Reed
    Robert Relyea
    Martin Rex
    Jason Rogers
    Matt Rogers
    Nate Rosenblum
    Solly Ross
    Mike Roszkowski
    Guillaume Rousse
    Andreas Schneider
    Tom Shaw
    Jim Shi
    Peter Shoults
    Simo Sorce
    Michael Spang
    Michael Ströder
    Bjørn Tore Sund
    Joe Travaglini
    Tim Uglow
    Rathor Vipin
    Denis Vlasenko
    Jorgen Wahlsten
    Stef Walter
    Max (Weijun) Wang
    John Washington
    Stef Walter
    Xi Wang
    Kevin Wasserman
    Margaret Wasserman
    Marcus Watts
    Andreas Wiese
    Simon Wilkinson
    Nicolas Williams
    Ross Wilper
    Augustin Wolf
    David Woodhouse
    Tsu-Phong Wu
    Xu Qiang
    Neng Xue
    Nickolai Zeldovich
    Hanz van Zijst
    Gertjan Zwartjes

The above is not an exhaustive list; many others have contributed in
various ways to the MIT Kerberos development effort over the years.
Other acknowledgments (for bug reports and patches) are in the
doc/CHANGES file.