Github hooks to provide an encouraging atmosphere for new contributors
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GitHub hooks to provide an encouraging atmosphere for new contributors


To install highfive you just need to execute the script or use pip directly. Both commands have to be executed from the directory where the script is located.

$ python install


$ pip install . # the dot is important ;)


To run tests, make sure the test-requirements are installed by running:

$ pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Once the dependencies are installed, you can run tests by executing:

$ nosetests

Adding a Project

To make rust-highfive interact with a new repo, add a configuration file in highfive/configs, with a filename of the form reponame.json.

It should look like:

        "all": ["@username", "@otheruser"],
        "subteamname": ["@subteammember", "@username"]
        "dirname":  ["subteamname", "@anotheruser"]
    "contributing": "http://project.tld/contributing_guide.html",
    "expected_branch": "develop"

The groups section allows you to alias lists of usernames. You should specify at least one user in the group "all"; others are optional.

The dirs section is where you map directories of the repo to users or groups who're eligible to review PRs affecting it. This section can be left blank.

contributing specifies the contribution guide link in the message which welcomes new contributors to the repository. If contributing is not present, the Rust will be linked instead.

If PRs should be filed against a branch other than master, specify the correct destination in the expected_branch field. If expected_branch is left out, highfive will assume that PRs should be filed against master. The bot posts a warning on any PR that targets an unexpected branch.

Enabling a Repo

Once the hooks for a repository are set up, visit the repo's webhook settings page at

Create a new webhook, pointing at your highfive instance's location:

Payload URL: http://99.88.777.666/highfive/ Content type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Leave the 'secret' field blank. Let me select individual events: Issue comment, pull request Check the box by 'Active'