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Fuse bindings for Python.
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Pyfuse: A tool for simple FUSE Filesystems


Pyfuse is a Python 3-based library for making easy-to-write FUSE filesystems. It uses Python's ctypes module and your system's C compiler to generate a portable bridge library at import time, and then hooks into all of the FUSE interfaces that you need to get a basic filesystem up and running.

The basic idea is that Pyfuse hides most of the FUSE weirdness and ctypes weirdness, and allows you to get down to the business of implementing your filesystem.


Pyfuse is licensed under GPLv2.


There's a name collision with the other Pyfuse module. I know.


Pyfuse has been tested and works on Fedora, Ubuntu, and MacOS. It'll probably work on just about anything with Python 3.4+, a FUSE installation (libfuse and libfuse-dev on Linux, OSXFUSE on MacOS), a C compiler, and a set of system headers (you'll need to install the XCode CLI tools on MacOS to get these).

Current Status

At present, Pyfuse is working and has been functionally tested. There are no known bugs, although I might eventually add ioctl support. There's a sample filesystem implemented in

Use with pride!

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