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NS1 Python SDK
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NS1 Python SDK

Info:A Python SDK for accessing NS1, the Data Driven DNS platform.


This package provides a python SDK for accessing the NS1 DNS platform and includes both a simple NS1 REST API wrapper as well as a higher level interface for managing zones, records, data feeds, and more. It supports synchronous and asynchronous transports.

Both python 2.7 and 3.3 are supported.


$ pip install ns1-python


None, but supports different transport backends. Currently supported:

  • requests (synchronous, the default if available)
  • urllib (synchronous, the default if requests isn't available)
  • twisted (asynchronous)

Other transports are easy to add, see transport


See the examples directory


If you don't yet have an NS1 account, signup here (free)

You'll need an API Key. To create one, login to the portal and click on the Account button in the top right. Select Settings & Users, then add a new API Key at the bottom.


We welcome contributions! Please fork on GitHub and submit a Pull Request.

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