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Experimental Go makefile templates system.

Most likely requires the latest gnu make version (3.81 or 3.82).

--== Development and contribution ==--

This is a personal project for my own needs. Mostly it means that I make no
promises regarding bug fixes. If you use this project too and want to fix a
bug, send me a patch. Good patches will be applied to the main repository
almost certainly.

Other notes:
 - I won't accept compatibility patches and workarounds for older versions of
   make and other software. Please, use recent versions of all the tools.
 - Linux support is a priority. MacOSX is fine usually, but I don't have it and
   can't test MacOSX patches. I will accept them only if they don't break linux
   stuff. Windows portability patches may or may not be accepted.
 - For quicker response find me on irc: #go-nuts @ freenode (nickname: nsf).
 - Usability suggestions and documentation improvements are welcome.
 - If you're using this makefile system for your project, let me know, it's
   good to have more test cases.