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A selection of nstack examples used for testing and to demonstrate features
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NStack Examples

A selection of examples we use to test nstack and demonstrate features - these are installed by default on our demo server at

See the main repo for more information, or check out the full documentation.


Clone the repo and run nstack build from the project root directory


These are all under heavy development and likely to change/improve over time.


A collection of basic example services that demonstrate,

  • creating a basic service
  • creating a basic workflow
  • using environmental configuration

NStack Stdlib

A set of services that provide basic functionality for use in more complex workflows

Name Usage
NStack.Utils General purpose utilities, e.g. uploading to files to S3
NStack.ImageProcessing Methods to process images, e.g. filters, resize, etc.


A sample Python-based classifier using numpy, scipy, and scikit-learn demonstrating how to build data analysis pipelines in NStack, and the ease in creating modules with in-built data-sets and system dependencies.

Has multiple workflows exposing a http endpoint and connecting to a Postgres sample database.


A more complex set of modules and workflows demonstrating a fully-featured streaming workflow processes data from IMDB, cleans it, processes it, and uses to generate a subsequent piece of data. Demonstrates use of workflow concatenation, module configuration, partial workflow application, and complex types across modules including binary data.

Has multiple workflows exposing a http endpoint and connecting to a Postgres sample database.