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This is YAPLC runtime environment project.

YAPLC/RTE can run user aplications made with YAPLC/IDE. It runs on bare metal without any OS. It is small and portable.


Using stm32f4-discovery board

Target "yaplc" can be used to build and upload aplication to the board.

If you want to run it, then folow these steps:

  1. Build yaplc-runtime project and load it to the board (I do it with st-util on debug session start, I think OpenOCD may also be used).
  2. Create a project with "yaplc" target,
  3. build it,
  4. connect to your target (see for details)
  5. and transfer aplication.
  6. Now you can program your discovery board with YAPLC/IDE.

And yes, to use YAPLC/IDE with stock discovery you should connect Boot0 and VDD pins with jumper just before pressing "Transfer PLC" button in YAPLC/IDE.

When aplication has been loaded - disconnect Boot0 from VDD.

Or alternatively, you can add "mosfet with memory capasitor" circuit switch Boot0 automatically (see and for details)