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A SQL database written in Rust
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Fair warning: this project is not maintained.

Do not use this for anything important, like... for anything. This is a database I wrote for the fun of it. It will never be production-ready.

LlamaDB is a simple SQL database, written entirely in the Rust programming language.


LlamaDB is built using the nightly builds of Rust and Cargo. For installation instructions, go to

To use the CLI, navigate to the cli/ directory and run cargo run. You'll be greeted by the friendly llamadb> prompt, with whom you can enter SQL queries. To exit the CLI, press Ctrl+D.

Examples, Features and TODO

For a quick rundown of implemented features, see the Usage guide.

See the issue tracker for unimplemented features and bugs:


I started this mostly as a learning project so that I could learn SQL and its implementation details better. This project may or may not go anywhere; we'll just have to see.

The other reason I started this was to see how the Rust programming language could be used to write large projects such as SQL databases. So far, I think it's working out fairly well. :)

Special thanks

A HUGE THANKS goes out to SQLite and the SQLite documentation. Their wonderful docs helped shed some light on the SQL syntax and other crucial details such as their B-Tree implementation.