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go util 常用帮助方法
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const FORMAT_DATE string = "2006-01-02"
const FORMAT_DATE_TIME string = "2006-01-02 15:04:05"
const FORMAT_TIME string = "15:04:05"

func CheckParents(aph string)
func FCopy(src string, dst string) error
func FWrite(path string, data []byte) error
func Fexists(ph string) bool
func FileA(ph string) *os.File
func FileAF(ph string, callback func(*os.File))
func FileO(ph string, flag int) *os.File
func FileOF(ph string, flag int, callback func(*os.File))
func FileR(ph string) *os.File
func FileRF(ph string, callback func(*os.File))
func FileW(ph string) *os.File
func FileWF(ph string, callback func(*os.File))
func GetEnv(v string) string
func GetTime(layout string) string
func HttpGetReq(u string, params map[string]string) ([]byte, error)
func HttpMultipartPostReq(u string, ff string, params map[string]string) ([]byte, error)
func HttpPostReq(u string, params map[string]string) ([]byte, error)
func HttpPostReqPlus(u string, params map[string]interface{}, header map[string]string) ([]byte, error)
func ImageDrawRGBA(img *image.RGBA, imgcode image.Image, x, y int)
func ImageDrawRGBAOffSet(img *image.RGBA, imgcode image.Image, r image.Rectangle, x, y int)
func ImageEncodeJPEG(ph string, img image.Image, option int) error
func ImageEncodePNG(ph string, img image.Image) error
func ImageJPEG(ph string) (image.Image, error)
func ImagePNG(ph string) (image.Image, error)
func ImageRGBA(width, height int) *image.RGBA
func IsBlank(s string) bool
func IsExist(name string) bool
func IsSpace(c byte) bool
func JsonMarshalFile(file string, v interface{}) error
func JsonMarshalIndent(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)
func JsonMarshalIndentFile(file string, v interface{}) error
func JsonUnmarshalFile(file string, v interface{}) error
func NoError(err error)
func ParseTime(layout, value string) time.Time
func String2Bool(_str string) bool
func String2Float(data string, reData float64) float64
func String2Int(s string, dft int) int
func String2Int64(s string, dft int64) int64
func String2Utf8(_str string) string
func UnixMsSec(off int) int64
func UnixNano() string
type BeeMap
func NewBeeMap() *BeeMap
func (m *BeeMap) Check(k interface{}) bool
func (m *BeeMap) Delete(k interface{})
func (m *BeeMap) Get(k interface{}) interface{}
func (m *BeeMap) Set(k interface{}, v interface{}) bool

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