Breaking Changes

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NUnit 3.4

Breaking changes introduced in NUnit 3.4

  • The --teamcity console command-line option now requires the TeamCityEventListener extension to be intalled. This only affects users who install the extensions individually or copy them to another directory. If you install using the Windows installer or the NUnit.Console NuGet package the TeamCity extension is included.

  • String arguments in the names of test cases are no longer truncated to 40 characters.

  • The .NET 2.0 build of the nunit framework uses a private implementation of System.Linq. NUnit installs the NUnit.System.Linq assembly alongside the nunit.framework assembly. If you copy the framework to another location, you must ensure that both are copied. The extra assembly is not used in other builds because System.Linq is already supported in those environments.

NUnit 3.0

A relatively large number of features present in NUnit 2.6, were either removed in NUnit 3.0 or had their behavior modified in a way that will break existing code.

A key change is that the NUnit Test Engine will not recognize a test assembly that does not reference the NUnit framework directly. Normally, test assemblies use NUnit Asserts, attributes and other Types and methods. However, certain third-party frameworks are designed to completely isolate the user from the details of NUnit. They mediate between the test assembly and the NUnit framework in order to run tests. In such a case, NUnit will indicate that the assembly either contains no tests or the proper driver could not be found. To resolve this situation, simply add one NUnit attribute or other reference. An assembly-level ParallelizableAttribute is useful for this purpose.

Other breaking changes are grouped in the following tables.

Name Notes
ExpectedExceptionAttribute No longer supported. Use Assert.Throws or Assert.That.
IgnoreAttribute The reason is now mandatory
RequiredAddinAttribute No longer supported.
RequiresMTAAttribute Deprecated. Use ApartmentAttribute
RequiresSTAAttribute Deprecated. Use ApartmentAttribute
SuiteAttribute No longer supported.
System.MTAThreadAttribute No longer treated as RequiresMTAAttribute
System.STAThreadAttribute No longer treated as RequiresSTAAttribute
TearDown and OneTimeTearDown There is a change to the logic by which teardown methods are called. See SetUp and TearDown Changes for details.
TestCaseAttribute Named parameter Result= is no longer supported. Use ExpectedResult=. Named parameter Ignore= now takes a string, giving the reason for ignoring the test.
TestCaseSourceAttribute The attribute forms using a string argument to refer to the data source must now use only static fields, properties or methods.
TestFixtureAttribute Named parameter Ignore= now takes a string, giving the reason for ignoring the test.
TestFixtureSetUpAttribute Deprecated. Use OneTimeSetUpAttribute.
TestFixtureTearDownAttribute Deprecated. Use OneTimeTearDownAttribute.
ValueSourceAttribute The source name of the data source must now use only static fields, properties or methods.
Assertions and Constraints
Feature Notes
Assert.IsNullOrEmpty No longer supported. Use Assert.That(..., Is.Null.Or.Empty)
Assert.IsNotNullOrEmpty No longer supported. Use Assert.That(..., Is.Not.Null.And.Not.Empty)
Is.InstanceOfType No longer supported. Use Is.InstanceOf
Is.StringStarting Deprecated. Use Does.StartWith
Is.StringContaining Deprecated. Use Does.Contain
Is.StringEnding Deprecated. Use Does.EndWith
Is.StringMatching Deprecated. Use Does.Match
NullOrEmptyStringConstraint No longer supported. See Assert.IsNullOrEmpty above
SubDirectoryContainsConstraint No longer supported. Various alternatives are available.
Text.All No longer supported. Use Does.All
Text.Contains No longer supported. Use Does.Contain or Contains.Substring
Text.DoesNotContain No longer supported. Use Does.Not.Contain
Text.StartsWith No longer supported. Use Does.StartWith
Text.DoesNotStartWith No longer supported. Use Does.Not.StartWith
Text.EndsWith No longer supported. Use Does.EndWith
Text.DoesNotEndWith No longer supported. Use Does.Not.EndWith
Text.Matches No longer supported. Use Does.Match
Text.DoesNotMatch No longer supported. Use Does.Not.Match
Other Framework Features
Feature Notes
Addins No longer supported. See Addin Replacement in the Framework.
CurrentDirectory No longer set to the directory containing the test assembly. Use TestContext.CurrentContext.TestDirectory to locate that directory.
NUnitLite NUnitLite executable tests must now reference nunit.framework in addition to nunitlite.
SetUpFixture Now uses OneTimeSetUpAttribute and OneTimeTearDownAttribute to designate higher-level setup and teardown methods. SetUpAttribute and TearDownAttribute are no longer allowed.
TestCaseData The Throws Named Property is no longer available. Use Assert.Throws or Assert.That in your test case.
TestContext The fields available in the TestContext have changed, although the same information remains available as for NUnit V2.
Console Features

The console runner is now called nunit3-console. The following breaking changes apply to the options that the new runner supports.

Option Function Notes
--fixture=STR Test fixture or namespace to be loaded No longer supported. Use --test instead.
--run=STR List of tests to run No longer supported. Replaced by --test.
--runlist=PATH File containing list of tests to run No longer supported. Replaced by --testlist.
--include=LIST List of categories to include No longer supported. Use --where instead.
--exclude=LIST List of categories to exclude No longer supported. Use --where instead.
--process=PROCESS ProcessModel for test assemblies Default value is now Separate for a single assembly, Multiple for more than one. Multiple assemblies run in parallel by default.
--domain=DOMAIN DomainUsage for test assemblies Default value is now Separate for a single assembly, Multiple for more than one.
--apartment=APT Apartment in which to run tests No longer supported. Use ApartmentAttribute.
--xmlconsole Display XML to the console No longer supported.
--basepath Set ApplicationBase for execution No longer supported.
--privatebinpath Specify probing path for execution No longer supported.
--cleanup Remove left-over cache files No longer supported.
--noshadow Disable shadow copy No longer supported. The console runner now disables shadow copy by default. use --shadowcopy on the command-line to turn it on.
--nothread Disable use of a separate thread for tests No longer supported.
--nodots Do not display dots as a progress indicator No longer supported.