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Frequency-based String Mining (lite)

A singe-core implemetation of frequency-based substring mining. This implementation requires the library (tested using the release sdsl-lite-2.0.3).

  1. Download and extract
  2. install SDSL by running ./ /install/path/sdsl-lite-2.0.3, where /install/path need to be specified,
  3. update the correct SDSL installation path into the fsm-lite/Makefile,
  4. turn on preferred compiler optimization in fsm-lite/Makefile, and
  5. run make depend && make under the directory fsm-lite.

For command-line options, see ./fsm-lite --help.

Usage example

Input files are given as a list of <data-identifier> <data-filename> pairs. The <data-identifier>'s are assumed to be unique. Here's an example how to construct such a list out of all /input/dir/*.fasta files:

for f in /input/dir/*.fasta; do id=$(basename "$f" .fasta); echo $id $f; done > input.list

The files can then be processed by

./fsm-lite -l input.list -t tmp | gzip - > output.txt.gz

where tmp is a prefix filename for storing temporary index files.


  1. Optimize the time and space usage.
  2. Multi-threading.
  3. Support for gzip compressed input.