Student project of application for woman that suffering from violence in Lviv area
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Student's project: "WomanSafety Lviv"

Group IP-21, 22 IoT@NULP

The 'Origins' team:


1. Introduction

There is an organization that helps women who become a victim of violence (often at home). This organization is interested in a mobile application that will let them know about the facts of violence, and there will be also a list (step by step) what to do if a woman has become a victim of domestic violence.

2. Relevance

Today, many women suffer from domestic violence and are afraid to talk about it. According to international studies, this problem will be confronted not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries of Europe, America and Canada. There are similar applications already exist and apply. We did not find the Ukrainian analogue, therefore we consider the project unquestioningly relevant.

3. Problem

As has already been said, today many women feel themselves defenseless. They are despised in the police influence and do not know to turn to whom in the event of danger, or with the request for help. An organization that is called upon to help them is already in Lviv, but it does not have the means for rapid communication and statistical data collection, so it works inefficiently and is not known to a wide range of users.

4. Modeling the solution

We offer a mobile application that includes step-by-step instructions on how to act if you have been victimized by violence, a map of institutions where you can turn for help depending on the harm done (physical or psychological), an alarm button that can be applied to the hotline of the organization, or a close trustee, as well as a survey. The psychological test that we are going to embed in the mobile app will determine the percentage of danger for a woman. The result of the test is displayed on the screen and transmitted to the organization for the collection of statistical data.

5. Conclusions and expected results

As a result of the application, we hope to see a significant reduction in the number of cases of violence against women, namely the reduction in the number of hits in the police of beatings and, eventually, the lower results of questionnaires with a high level of threat. We also expect an increase in the level of feeling of security of woman and the formation of a strong and trusting community among the women of Lviv, and then we hope to extend the application to other regions of Ukraine. In conclusion, the organization should gain popularity and make a significant contribution to the life of Lviv and Ukrainian women in general.

Lviv 2017