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Localization project for Discord Translator bot - the most powerful translation bot for Discord.
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Discord Translator Bot - Localization

This is the public localization project for Discord Translator - the most powerful translation bot for Discord.

Based on Google Cloud Translate and Discord.js.

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Translation Requirements

  • Must be a member of the official Discord server (i18n role)
  • Must have Poedit
  • Must understand English
  • General knowledge of Discord App and Discord terms


  • Programming background
  • Understanding of Git
  • Experience with gettext

How to Translate

  • Download and Install Poedit
  • Download/clone this reposity to your computer
  • Create a folder with your locale code if it does not exist, for example fr/ for french
  • Copy the files in the en/ folder to your locale folder
  • Open the copied files with Poedit
  • Translate all messages to your language
  • Save files
  • Create pull request or message us on the official Discord server if you do not know how to use Git

You may also use any Text/Code editor to edit the .po files directly.

Translating Variables

Some strings contain variables, these are not meant to be translated, keep them intact like the following example:


Hello %s, how are you?
%d messages translated today.


Hallo %s, wie gehts?
%d Nachrichten heute übersetzt.

%s refers to names/words (strings)

%d refers to numbers (digits)

Text Formatters

Some messages may contain special formatting characters, such as ** and __ or [word](%s), these are Markdown special characters, which styles words as bold, underline etc. Here are some examples of correct translation in these cases:


__Hello **%s**__, how are you [today](%s)?


__Hallo **%s**__, wie geht es dir [heute](%s)?

Contextual Translations

Some message strings contain a context note to help you understand the meaning more clearly, for example:

context: user

en: %s has been banned

de: %s wurde gebannt

If no context is provided, you are advised to provide a general translation.


If your locale language translates you or your to a specific gender, then please use the equivalent of they, them and their for general/neutral addressing.

Translating Commands

The commands strings in commands.po must be translated as one word and all lowercase. If one word is impossible, then you can use - instead of spaces , for example:

a command -> a-command

Main English Texts

If you feel that the original English texts can be better, you are welcome to suggest improvements.

Notes Summary

  • Keep formatting intact
  • Keep punctuation (,.) and newlines (\n)
  • Use context when translating
  • Gender-neutral translation
  • Commands as lowercase and one word


If you are not sure what to do, you can join the official Discord server for discussions and guidance.


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