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libsxe, mak and related components
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Project SXE

Event driven programming in C

Component Description
libsxe Event driven programming library
mak Makefile engine used to build libsxe
Component Package Description
libsxe ev Event handling library with fixes
lookup3 The lookup3 hash function
lua Lua 5.1.4
md5 MD5 algorithm
mock Library which allows system calls to be mocked for testing
openssl OpenSSL 1.0.0
port Portable definitions to allow cross compilation on multiple operating systems
sha1 SHA-1 algorithm
sxe Event driven interface to TCP, UDP and low level timers
sxe-buffer Counted string buffers with overflow protection
sxe-dirwatch Get notified when files in a directory change (inotify only)
sxe-hash Use memory pools as hash tables
sxe-http Useful HTTP utilities
sxe-httpd A very basic HTTP server
sxe-list Link lists with position independence
sxe-log Logging library used extensively by the rest of this component
sxe-mmap Portable memory mapped files
sxe-pool Memory pools with position independence, mulitple states, LRU queues and timers
sxe-pool-tcp TCP connection pool
sxe-socket Portable sockets API allowing cross compilation on multiple operating systems
sxe-spawn Spawn a program on the end of a SXE TCP connection that it uses as its stdin/stdout
sxe-sync-ev Synchronize through ev: Simple event passing from threads to the main ev loop
sxe-test Helper functions for test programs
sxe-util Utility functions: strings, mkpath, hex, ...
tap Test::More for C: test programming libary with extensions for event driven programming
mak /*.mak Includable make definitions
bin Scripts:,,, ...
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