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Call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enable a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.

node-webkit is renamed NW.js

Official site:
new v0.12.0 test release


node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and JavaScript with node-webkit. It also lets you call Node.js modules directly from the DOM and enables a new way of writing native applications with all Web technologies.

It was created in the Intel Open Source Technology Center.

Introduction to node-webkit (slides)
Creating Desktop Applications With node-webkit
WebApp to DesktopApp with node-webkit (slides)
Essay on the history and internals of the project


  • Apps written in modern HTML5, CSS3, JS and WebGL.
  • Complete support for Node.js APIs and all its third party modules.
  • Good performance: Node and WebKit run in the same thread: Function calls are made straightforward; objects are in the same heap and can just reference each other;
  • Easy to package and distribute apps.
  • Available on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows


Demos and real apps

You may also be interested in our demos repository and the List of apps and companies using nw.js.

Quick Start

Create index.html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Hello World!</title>
    <h1>Hello World!</h1>
    We are using node.js <script>document.write(process.version)</script>.

Create package.json:

  "name": "nw-demo",
  "main": "index.html"


$ /path/to/nw .  (suppose the current directory contains 'package.json')

Note: on Windows, you can drag the folder containing package.json to nw.exe to open it.

Note: on OSX, the executable binary is in a hidden directory within the .app file. To run node-webkit on OSX, type:

$ /path/to/ .  (suppose the current directory contains 'package.json')


For more information on how to write/package/run apps, see:

And our Wiki for much more.


We use the google group as our mailing list (use English only). Subscribe via

NOTE: Links to the old google group (e.g.!msg/node-webkit/doRWZ07LgWQ/4fheV8FF8zsJ) that are no more working can be fixed by replacing node-webkit with nwjs-general (e.g!msg/nwjs-general/doRWZ07LgWQ/4fheV8FF8zsJ).

Issues are being tracked here on GitHub.


node-webkit's code in this repo uses the MIT license, see our LICENSE file. To redistribute the binary, see How to package and distribute your apps


The work is being sponsored by:

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