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My recipes (opscode chef cookbooks) : Bootstrap - Configuration - Orchestration
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Opscode chef : My Recipes


Use! Opscode Omnibus.


  • ec2-base-settings

    recipe           "ec2-base-settings", "Configures common settings & Installs common packages for EC2."
  • ec2-hostname

    recipe           "ec2-hostname", "Set hostname and FQDN of the node."
    recipe           "ec2-hostname::ec2_set_hosts", "Install init script - modify hosts file at boot time."
  • ec2-split-dns

    recipe           "ec2-split-dns", "Install bind9 and Setup dns zone files for Split DNS." 
    recipe           "ec2-split-dns::ec2_set_dns_zone", "Install init script - modify dns zone files at boot time." 
    recipe           "ec2-split-dns::ec2_set_resolver", "Setup dns resolver related files. : /etc/resolv.conf /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf"
  • ec2-get-my-region

    recipe           "ec2-get-my-region", "Store EC2 Region name to node attribute"
  • ec2-split-dns-region

    recipe           "ec2-split-dns-region", "Install bind9 and Setup dns zone files for Split DNS. (around same region)" 
    recipe           "ec2-split-dns-region::ec2_set_resolver", "Setup dns resolver related files. : /etc/resolv.conf /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf"
  • ec2-backports

    recipe           "ec2-backports", "Configure ec2 backports repository"
  • ec2-grub-menu-lst

    recipe           "ec2-grub-menu-lst", "Configures grub : setup kernel options"
  • ec2-disable-TOE

    recipe           "ec2-disable-TOE", "Configures disable TOE"
  • conf-unattended-upgrades

    recipe           "conf-unattended-upgrades", "Configure unattended-upgrades"
  • conf-postfix

    recipe           "conf-postfix", "Installs/Configure postfix"
  • conf-mysql

    recipe           "conf-mysql", "Installs/Configure MySQL"
  • conf-apache2

    recipe           "conf-apache2", "Installs apache2-mpm-prefork"
  • conf-php5

    recipe           "conf-php5", "Installs php5"
  • conf-WordPress

    recipe           "conf-WordPress", "Installs/Configure WordPress"
  • conf-WordPress-cli

    recipe           "conf-WordPress-cli", "Installs/Configures WordPress CLI tools and Plugins"
  • conf-MediaWiki

    recipe           "conf-MediaWiki", "Installs/Configure MediaWiki"
  • conf-phpmyadmin

    recipe           "conf-phpmyadmin", "Installs/Configure phpMyAdmin"
  • conf-cron-apt

    recipe           "conf-cron-apt", "Configure cron-apt"
  • conf-bashrc

    recipe           "conf-bashrc", "Configure bashrc : Setup for ubuntu account."
  • conf-ssh-config

    recipe           "conf-ssh-config", "Configure ssh config : Setup for ubuntu account."
  • conf-emacs-skk

    recipe           "conf-emacs-skk", "Configure emacs & skk : Setup for ubuntu account."
  • conf-screen

    recipe           "conf-screen", "Configure screen : Setup for ubuntu account."
  • conf-sysctl

    recipe           "conf-sysctl", "Configure sysctl"
  • conf-rc-local

    recipe           "conf-sysctl", "Configure rc.local"
  • conf-limits

    recipe           "conf-limits", "Install my limits"
  • conf-tcpwrapper

    recipe           "conf-tcpwrapper", "Configure TCP Wrapper : Setup /etc/hosts.allow file."
  • conf-tmux

    recipe           "conf-tmux", "Configure tmux : Setup for ubuntu account."
  • conf-lm-sensors

    recipe           "conf-lm-sensors", "Install/Configure lm-sensors"
  • ubuntu-ruby-ng

    recipe           "ubuntu-ruby-ng", "Configure Next Generation Ubuntu Ruby Packages"
  • conf-memcache

    recipe           "conf-memcache", "Installs/Configures memcache"
  • conf-php-apc

    recipe           "conf-php-apc", "Installs/Configures php APC"
  • conf-php-mcrypt

    recipe           "conf-php-mcrypt", "Fix bad comment at mcrypt.ini"
  • conf-varnish

    recipe           "conf-varnish", "Installs/Configures varnish and apache2"
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