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Nybles is the Tech newletter for IIIT-Allahabad.

Join the chat at We invite posts from everyone.

Post layout

layout: Post
title: Add your title
author: Author name
categories: Only three categories are now : future, trending and campus
intro: Will be shown in the main page if specified

content should be added here,No need to add title name again.

Adding Images in Post

All images in post are loaded when they appear on screen.So images should be added in the following way:

<img class="lazy" src="" data-original="" alt="">

src and data-originals should have same path or link to image.
alt includes title of image as text.


if you want to fetch another persons pull request and edit,then

./fetch_pull_request <pull-request-id> <remote value = upstream by default>


Here's the clue for hackers:

  • The posts are in the _posts directory.

  • The site data is available in _data directory.

    • The links in navbar / sidebar can be edited from _data/urls.json.
    • The social links for the blog owner can be provided from _data/social.json.
    • The list of events are available at, and can be modified from _data/events.json.
  • The _config.yml is the configuration file for the entire blog. Handle with care!

Original fork*

Git/Github Tutorials

Git: Introduction

Github: Introduction

Merge Commits

Squash Commits

##Installation - I want to see this running live on my computer.


Mac OSX/Linux

Jekyll is built with jekyll which comes as a ruby gem. So you need to install Ruby to get started.

RVM make it easy to install and manage different versions of Ruby. Install Ruby using RVM by running the following commands

~ $ gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 409B6B1796C275462A1703113804BB82D39DC0E3

~ $ \curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby

This installs RVM with the latest stable version of Ruby

Ubuntu users: You may need to enable Run command as a login shell in Ubuntu's Terminal, under Edit > Profile Preferences > Title and Command. Then close the terminal and reopen it. You may also want to run source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm to load RVM.

To install ruby gems from a Gemfile you would need bundler which by default comes with RVM ruby but if isn't present you would need to install it using the command gem install bundler.


If on Windows, you can follow this guide on how to install jekyll.


After you have installed Ruby and cloned the repository deploy the application running the following commands

# Enter the app directory

# Install gems using bundler
~$ bundle install

# Build site starting jekyll server
~$ bundle exec jekyll serve

You are ready to go! Browse to http://localhost:4000