Simple "secret notepad" powered by the WordPress REST API.
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This is a simple "secret notepad" powered by the WP REST API, using server-to-server communication and private WordPress posts to store content. Each note has a 10-character ID, and there is no index functionality.

Inspired by the once-glorious, now-defunct

This is an example of a WP REST API application that can communicate with either a self-hosted WordPress site or a site.


Install PHP on your server and clone this repo.

Have a WordPress (self-hosted or site handy that's running the latest version of the WP REST API.

For self-hosted WordPress, WP 4.7 beta 2 and higher will definitely work; others may or may not work. You'll need to install the Application Passwords plugin and generate a basic authentication header for the config file.

For, generate an authentication token following the auth documentation.

Copy sample-config.php to config.php and fill in the values there for your site.

The provided .htaccess file works with Apache mod_rewrite - nginx configuration is up to you for the time being.


I have intentionally kept this app very simple. However, there are a few enhancements for which I would definitely welcome PRs:

  • OAuth1 support for self-hosted sites.
  • Configuration instructions/files for nginx.


GPL v3. See the LICENSE file.