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šŸ–¼ A jQuery plugin to view images just like in Windows. Browser support IE7+!
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āš ļø Attention! This repository will not be maintained. The plugin is easy to use, but its customization can be troublesome. To improve plugin's flexibility, I made another repository PhotoViewer which is the enhanced version of Magnify.


Travis npm license

Magnify is a jQuery plugin to view images just like in windows.

[ website ]

Main Features

  • Modal draggable.
  • Modal resizable.
  • Modal maximizable.
  • Image movable.
  • Image zoomable.
  • Image rotatable.
  • Keyboard control.
  • Fullscreen showing.
  • Multiple instances.
  • Browser support (IE7+).


You can install the plugin via npm

$ npm install jquery.magnify --save

or via bower

$ bower install jquery.magnify --save


1.Include files

The usage of magnify is very simple.

<link href="/path/to/magnify.css" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="/path/to/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery.magnify.js"></script>

The icons in magnify use svg default, you can customize them in options.

2.Html structure

The default structure as below:

<a data-magnify="gallery" href="big-1.jpg">
  <img src="small-1.jpg">
<a data-magnify="gallery" href="big-2.jpg">
  <img src="small-2jpg">
<a data-magnify="gallery" href="big-3.jpg">
  <img src="small-3.jpg">


<img data-magnify="gallery" data-src="big-1.jpg" src="small-1.jpg">
<img data-magnify="gallery" data-src="big-2.jpg" src="small-2.jpg">
<img data-magnify="gallery" data-src="big-3.jpg" src="small-3.jpg">

All structures above have optional attributes as below:

  • Add a data-src attribute to link big image if you do not want to use a <a> tag. If you use it in a <a> tag, it will override the image link in href attribute.
  • Add a data-caption attribute if you want to show a caption. If you are not using this attribute, it will show the image name in the url when you set the title option true.
  • Add a data-group attribute if you want to set the images in groups.

3.Call plugin

If you add a data-magnify attribute, you can write none of js.

Of course, you can use selector to call the plugin as following code:



  • draggable true

    If ture, it allow modal dragging.

  • resizable true

    If ture, it allow modal resizing.

  • movable true

    If ture, it allow image moving.

  • keyboard true

    If ture, it allow keyboard control. It is similar to Windows photo viewer.

    • ā† prev image
    • ā†’ next image
    • + zoom in image
    • - zoom out image
    • ctrl + alt + 0 image autual size
    • ctrl + , rotate image left
    • ctrl + . rotate image right
  • title true

    If ture, it will show image title on header.

  • fixedModalSize false

    If false, the modal init size will fit to image size.

    If true, the modal init size will be set with modalWidth and modalHeight.

  • modalWidth 320

    The modal min width.

  • modalHeight 320

    The modal min height.

  • gapThreshold 0.02

    There will have a gap if modal too big to beyond the browser.

  • ratioThreshold 0.01

    Image zoom ratio threshold.

  • minRatio 0.05 (5%)

    The min ratio to show image.

  • maxRatio 16 (1600%)

    The max ratio to show image.

  • icons

    You can customize the icons in following key.

    • minimize svg

    • maximize svg

    • close svg

    • zoomIn svg

    • zoomOut svg

    • prev svg

    • next svg

    • fullscreen svg

    • actualSize svg

    • rotateLeft svg

    • rotateRight svg

  • headToolbar ['maximize','close']

    The buttons display in header toolbar.

  • footToolbar ['zoomIn','zoomOut','prev','fullscreen','next','actualSize','rotateRight']

    The buttons display in footer toolbar.

  • fixedContent true

    If true, the content will be fixed.

  • i18n

    You can customize the buttons title in following key.

    • minimize minimize

    • maximize maximize

    • close close

    • zoomIn zoom-in

    • zoomOut zoom-out

    • prev prev

    • next next

    • fullscreen fullscreen

    • actualSize actual-size

    • rotateLeft rotate-left

    • rotateRight rotate-right

  • initMaximized false

    If false, the modal size will be set of image size or what you set.

    If true, the modal size will be set maximized when init.

  • multiInstances true

    If true, it allow multiple instances.

  • initEvent click

    The event to init plugin. Another value is dblclick.

  • initAnimation true

    If false, it will not have animation at plugin's init.

  • fixedModalPos false

    if true, the modal position will be fixed when change images.

  • zIndex 1090

    The modal style of z-index, it is useful with multiple instances.

  • dragHandle

    The handle of draggable.

  • progressiveLoading true

    If true, the image will be rendered progressively.


You can define callbacks in callbacks option. In each callback this is the Magnify instance. You can also get the element clicked of plugin's init from arguments el of Function.

  callbacks: {
    beforeOpen: function(el){
      // Will fire before modal is opened
    opened: function(el){
      // Will fire after modal is opened
    beforeClose: function(el){
      // Will fire before modal is closed
    closed: function(el){
      // Will fire after modal is closed
    beforeChange: function(index){
      // Will fire before image is changed
      // The arguments is the current image index of image group
    changed: function(index){
      // Will fire after image is changed
      // The arguments is the next image index of image group


MIT License

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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