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Open Academic Environment (OAE Project) Etherpad Plugin

This Etherpad plugin creates an integration for the Open Academic Environment (OAE) project. It provides a way to do:

  • simple authentication by passing in the sessionID (that was created in Hilary) in the querystring.
  • skinning of the editor interface.


You will need to set the requireSession and editOnly values to true in etherpad's settings.json file.

It's recommended to also add in a sessionKey. This can be any random value, but should be the same across the cluster.

To get it working, change the dbType to cassandra and enter the following dbSettings:

"dbSettings" : {
    "hosts": [""],
    "keyspace": "oae",
    "cfName": "Etherpad",
    "user": "",
    "pass": "",
    "timeout": 3000,
    "replication": 1,
    "strategyClass": "SimpleStrategy"

The last step is to add the websocket protocol. It's important to add this as the first element of the array.

"socketTransportProtocols" : ["websocket", "xhr-polling", "jsonp-polling", "htmlfile"]


You should have the following structure (assuming you have etherpad at /opt/etherpad)

  • /opt/etherpad
    • APIKEY.txt
    • src
    • settings.json
    • ...
    • node_modules/
      • ep_oae/
        • index.json
        • ep.json

Copy or symlink the static/css/padd.css file in this plugin to your-etherpad-directory/src/static/custom/pad.css. This file will skin the etherpad chrome. In order to have custom titles for headers, copy or symlink the static/templates/editbarButtons.ejs file in this plugin to your-etherpad-directory/node_modules/ep_headings/templates/editbarButtons.ejs.

In order to use the OAE toolbar, the etherpad settings.json file needs to be updated to reflect the following changes:

"toolbar": {
    "left": [
        ["bold", "italic", "underline", "strikethrough", "orderedlist", "unorderedlist", "indent", "outdent"]
    "right": [