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KTBS API for JavaScript

API for storing and accessing modelled traces in JavaScript.

It is based on the abstract client API defined in

It can be used standalone, or use a trace storage system such as or


The main entry point is the {@link tracemanager} singleton. It defines a {@link TraceManager#init_trace} method that creates a new trace and keeps a named reference to it.

For writing, obsels can then be added to the new trace through the {@link Trace#trace} method. See the example file for an example.

For reading, obsels can be accessed through the {@link Trace#obsels} property.


The handshake parameter indicates wether a "login" method should be called on the trace. Calling this method has 2 functions:

  • when using POST requests, the synchronisation mechanism is activated only if this method returns a successful status.

  • the default_subject information is passed along in its data. The trace server is then assumed to memorize this information, and the lib will not send it in future obsels when using the compact-json format.